TXFM JNLR Results: Oct 2014 – Sept 2015

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Dublin’s specialist indie station, TXFM, recorded a number of key gains during the period.

• 38,000 alternative music fans tuning in weekly – primarily young ABC1 millenials
• Claire Beck’s mid morning show rose to 7,000 per day while evenings with Kelly-Anne Byrne and the specialist music shows also performed well
• The weekends were the big success story for the station, with Saturday Lunch growing by 5,000 listeners year-on-year with a listenership of 8,000
• Park Life also made gains, up 3,000 on Saturday to 8,000 and up 1,000 on Sunday to 4,000
• Sunday Service also grew 3,000 year-on-year, now with 4,000 listeners and our Revolver show for vinyl-lovers, grew to 2,000 followers

TXFM’s reputation within the music industry has increased sharply over the past year with more advertisers taking notice now.
TXFM has the youngest (and coolest) audience in Dublin. We play more music than anyone else and have influenced the music tastes for the better in the past 12 months bringing acts like Royal Blood, Jungle, War on Drugs and Caribou to public prominence.
We exist only to share our passion with our audience for real music. Through our knowledge and the passion that we put into our music, we bring moments of joy, surprise and discovery, every day, in every show.

That’s why we say: 1052 TXFM – Passionate about Music