TODAY FM: The Greatest Radio Competition EVER!

This week Today FM launched what has to rank as the greatest radio competition ever to appear on Irish radio.

Over the month of July, Today FM will be giving away €200,000 to listeners in a promotion called YOU DO THE MAPS.

Every weekday one lucky listener will win €10,000. Not a ‘chance’ to win €10,000. Not a ‘portion’ of €10,000. A full €10,000 every day!

Not only will there be a winner every day but a Today FM presenter or representative will deliver the prize to them that very day using whatever means necessary to get to where they are in Ireland.

In order to win, listeners have to listen out for five clues that are read out throughout the day. To solve the clue, they have to use Street View on Google Maps and make a note of each numerical answer. At the end of the day, they add up the five numerical answers and text the result along with their details into 53102. Matt Cooper then announces the winner live on The Last Word and the Today FM Crew jump in a car or helicopter to deliver the prize that very evening.

We’ve already had one very emotional winner and there’s plenty more to come.

To find out more about YOU DO THE MAPS, click here.