You made that song what it was

High Flying Birds frontman Noel Gallagher joined Today FM’s Dermot & Dave live in studio earlier today and for anyone thinking the former Oasis guitarist had mellowed, he hasn’t! Noel spoke to Dermot & Dave about his mother, Madonna and morons!

Chatting to the lads about meeting Madonna recently for the first time, Noel revealed: “My wife said to me ‘don’t mention it (the infamous fall at the Brit Awards)‘ and I said I’m not going to mention it. Why would I mention it? That was the first thing I mentioned. I was roaring drunk.”

“She was great though, I’d never met her before and my wife is a super fan she’s been a fan of her since she was 14. She was really sweet. I turned round at one point and her and Sara were hugging.”

When Dermot asked if there was a Britney moment, Noel replied “Sadly no. I did have the camera at the ready though.” 

“My mam never comes to my gigs cause she always says ‘I’ll only start crying.” 

“I called her up and said are you coming to this gig?… she said “put me down on the guest list and if I come I come and if I don’t I don’t”. Mam, I love you and all that you brought me into the world and if it wasn’t for you quite frankly none of us would be here but don’t take the piss. The guest list is chocca!”

A massive Manchester City fan, Noel spoke of his dislike of Chelsea F.C. saying “That whole club is full of wrong ‘uns. From the manager down. The lady that makes the tea is probably annoying.” 

Speaking about Oasis’ 1996 number 1 hit ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’  Noel said: “On the day that I wrote it, in Paris, I never gave it a second’s thought it was just another song that I had written that day and I finished it and I thought I’m still missing the line that became the Sally line [so sally can wait] but I never gave it a second thought… 25 years later it’s become this extraordinary piece of music and my part in it is minimal. I didn’t make that song what it was, you made that song what it was.”