On Saturday 7th May, Today FM’s The Anton Savage Show hosted a very special show LIVE from the lighthouse on Enniscrone beach in Sligo to celebrate the arrival of local man David McGowan’s Boeing 767 via boat in a story that has entertained and intrigued Today FM listeners for the past 2 months.

Coined ‘The Big Yoke’ by Anton Savage, the decommissioned Boeing 767 left its base in Shannon Airport on Thursday 5th May to make the journey by sea to its new home in Enniscrone, Sligo where it will become a central feature in McGowan’s ‘Quirky Glamping Village’. The plane was transported by air, land and sea was then dragged by tug boat onto the beach at Enniscrone where Anton Savage was joined by a host of guests and the local community to witness this never-before-seen quest.

Today FM listeners are familiar with the brains behind this mammoth operation, David McGowan, a funeral director and embalmer by trade from Sligo, who came up with a plan to create an alternative glamping site on his land in Enniscrone.

“First we thought David was funny. Then we thought he was crazy. Now we’re sure he’s a genius. Any man whose business plan is a plane, train and a teapot in a field is our kind of guy. It’s an honour to be there to see the Big Yoke land”

Off to a flying start, the Quirky Glamping Village will be airport themed with various modes of transport to sleep in from black cabs to buses and trains, not to mention a coffee shop inside a gigantic teapot. But for us here in Today FM it’s all about “The Big Yoke.”

Since first speaking with David McGowan back in March, The Anton Savage Show on Today FM has been following the triumphs and endeavours and has continued to champion the man with a big plan but it hasn’t been all #PlaneSailing.

Originally due to arrive in Enniscrone on 12 April, due to delays with the Tugboat and unpredicted weather conditions, the Boeing 767 finally came ashore at roughly 1am on Saturday 7th May, and at a quarter past 3 on Saturday morning, she was home.

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