The Ray D’Arcy Show – Bobble in a Bottle


30th January 2012




Bobble in a Bottle


When The Ray D’Arcy Show team returned to the studio after Christmas, they decided to kick start a project where they’d launch some bottles into the ocean and see where they’d end up.


This was inspired by the story of Rosemary Hill in Waterville, Co Kerry, who discovered a Lobster Pot tag while beachcombing. She later traced the tag back to a fisherman on the American east coast who lost his pots during what was known as The Perfect Storm in 1991.


The show thought it would be a good idea to put a Bobble Head Ray in each bottle, and so the name ‘Bobble in a Bottle’ came about. Then listeners suggested that we put GPS trackers in the bottles so we could track their progress in the water. That’s where Conor Hannon of offered his services and he built GPS trackers with 6 month battery packs to place inside each of the bottles. Rory Leadbitter from Jerpoint Glass in Kilkenny has custom made 4 beautiful glass bottles for the project.

The launch date has been set for Friday 3rd February as part of Ray’s Fix it Friday show. There are 4 families on board to launch the bottles in the North, South, East and West of the country.


They are:


  • The Conroy/Kellys on the East coast at Wicklow Head
  • The Hendersons on the North coast at Malin Head
  • The Cartys on the West coast at Cliftden
  • The Harringtons on the South coast at Galley Head

Each of the families has secured boats to bring them off the coast to launch the bottles and give them a better chance of starting a long journey!  Listeners to the Ray D’Arcy Show will then be able to track the bottles’ progress – named Ray, Jenny, Will and Mairead after the show’s team members – on

Fingers crossed the bottles will reach foreign lands and the show’s contact details are engraved on the bottom of them so anyone who finds them can get in touch.

Participant Contact Details:

Olive Carty – Clifden, Galway – 087 2605961 / 095 22842

Gillian Conroy – Wicklow Head – 086 8564818

John Harrington – Galley Head, Cork – 087 7563032

Marie Henderson – Malin Head, Donegal – 087 2996874


For further information, please contact:

Gill Waters

Today FM Press Office

Tel: 01-804 9047

Mob: 086 248 2364