Today FM’s Mission Success: To Moldova and back again.

A fortnight ago The Anton Savage Show received an unusual request from Conor Hughes in Dundalk.

Conor is the founder of Cross Cause, a small charity that helps to run orphanages in Romania and Moldova, as well as supply them with aid several times a year.

Two weeks ago Conor found himself in a tricky situation when his 40ft articulated truck full of humanitarian aid – food, medical supplies and building supplies, all donated by local businesses and people in the Dundalk area – was left driverless in Kent due to a late arrival.

Upon hearing of the mission coming to a standstill, The Anton Savage Show were only too happy to help Conor find TWO drivers take a 10-day round trip to get the aid safely to Moldova. After a massive reaction to the on air call-out, Conor chose Barry Connolly and Seany Fennelly for the mission.

Barry, Seany and the truck they nicknamed ‘Daf-nee’ – who was making her maiden voyage – successfully navigated their way through the Hungarian and Romanian borders and reached Moldova on 28th April. Along the way they checked in with The Anton Savage Show about in-cab disagreements, the gift of the gab and a Mexican stand-off.

On Wednesday morning, the team arrived back home at Dublin Port and Today FM was there to welcome them – and Daf-nee, of course (photos attached)!

This morning, Anton caught up with Barry and Seany to chat about some of the highlights of the trip, including meeting the kids that are impacted by the delivery of the supplies. Recalling one moment which stood out, Seany said:

“We got to the third village and all the kids were bursting to help. There was one little girl at the head of the queue looking for a little box to bring into the store room. Next thing a little Nelly the Elephant fell out from one of the boxes. She hugged this elephant so tight I was certain stuffing was going to come out through his trunk end. At that very second everything was worthwhile – all the corrupt officials, getting across all the borders, even having to put up with Barry’s snoring – all that was worthwhile in that split instance.”