Wednesday, 27th July 2016: The latest Joint National Listenership Report (JNLR) released today for the period July ‘15 to June ’16 shows strong gains for Today FM across the board including a hike of 7,000 listeners in its drive time slot, The Last Word. Matt Cooper now attracts an audience of 139,000 listeners.

Commenting on the success of his show, Matt Cooper said: “After a very brief blip it’s good to see that The Last Word has re-established its long standing position with Irish radio listeners as the most popular late afternoon alternative to RTE. We look forward to building on a very strong recent performance in the coming months by continuing our approach of getting the best guests onto The Last Word and letting them talk about a wide variety of stories and issues”

It was a good day all around for Today FM as the station also grew its market share to 7.7% and now has 100,000 more listeners tuning in each week compared to nearest rival, 2FM.

Ian Dempsey retains the top spot in breakfast radio; his solid audience of 180,000 is almost 30,000 ahead of 2FM’s Breakfast Republic, which dropped 11,000 listeners in this book (151,000) for a 4 hour show compared to Dempsey’s 2 hour slot (7-9am).

Anton Savage is steering a strong ship in mid mornings for Today FM. Although Anton saw a minor slip of 1,000 he now commands an audience of 174,000 with that figure set to grow in the next round of results – an impressive tally for the presenter who is not yet 2 years in the hot seat.

                                                              TODAY FM                           RTÉ 2FM

Market Share:                                            7.7%                                      6%

Listened Yesterday                                  410,000                                344,000

Weekly Reach:                                           859,000                                759,000

Today FM’s newest recruit Fergal D’Arcy also added another 3,000 listeners to his evening show, the 7-9pm time slot which Louise Duffy is set to take over from August. Having joined Today FM from iRadio in 2015, D’Arcy also grew his Sunday afternoon audience by 3,000 to 56,000.

Other gains for Today FM came in the form of weekends, in particular Kelly Anne-Byrne’s popular The Beat Goes On which gained 4,000 new listeners while Phil Cawley added a further 2,000 listeners to his Sunday afternoon show (1-4pm) bringing his audience to just shy of 100,000 (97,000).