Fran is physically tough but Nidge is clever

Ray D’Arcy meets Nidge ahead of Love/Hate finale this weekend

Ahead of the season 5 finale of hit TV crime drama Love/Hate, star of the show Tom Vaughan-Lawlor dropped into The Ray D’Arcy Show today (Friday).

Tom, who admits he hasn’t watched this season’s Love/Hate due to a busy work schedule, spoke to Ray about how intense filming is on the show and revealed the scenes that he finds the most difficult:

“It’s a bizarre thing listening to yourself being aggressive, especially aggressive against women. It’s very strange. I’ve got three sisters and my wife, and it’s a very strange thing to be aggressive towards women.”

As for relaxing after filming, Tom says the best way to wind down is to spend time with his 3-year-old son Freddie and to watch TV with his wife: “My wife is brilliant at de-stressing me”.

The actor, who is based in UK and grew up in Dublin’s Dundrum, is a world apart from his alter-ego. Tom admitted that people are sometimes surprised to find that he is so different from kingpin Nidge:

“Sometimes you get slightly odd looks or double takes. But for the most part people are very kind. I’ve had it myself seeing actors who you assume are one thing, and then you hear them or you meet them and they are completely different. It is quite a jarring, very bizarre dynamic.”

Tom wouldn’t give anything away on the season finale, which airs on Sunday night, except to say:

“Fran’s physically very tough and he’s got a temper alright. Nidge is not as tough physically, but he’s cleverer… [Nidge] is aware of the long game and the bigger picture so he’ll know what he wants, what he can get, how he can use someone rather than just beating them to death. But Fran just goes in there full-blooded and just doesn’t think”.

Tom is next appearing in a production of the multi award-winning play Howie The Rookie by Mark O’Rowe at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre, 11th and 15th November 2014. Tom plays the part of both Howie and Rookie in the production.

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