The Award Winning Naked Breakfast hosts Meal or No Meal with Noel Edmonds.

Dublin’s 98FM hosted the award winning 100% live Naked Breakfast this morning in The RDS with no pre-records, no safety net… just LIVE music, LIVE guests, a LIVE audience, LIVE jingles and LIVE ads!!! A host of exciting guests from the world of music and comedy including Rachel Stevens, Una Foden, Dublin footballers, Michael Darragh MacAuley and Cian O’Sullivan and Dustin the Turkey attended along with a crowd of 1000 invited guests and listeners. Performances from Louis Walsh’s boyband Hometown, Irish artist Gavin James and the Dublin Gospel choir kept crowds entertained as Ray Foley, JP Gilbourne and Muireann O’Connell broadcast live on stage from 8am to 10am.

Jingles were performed on the spot with ads voiced live by comedians Paddy Courtney & Eric Lalor along with actresses Aoibheann McCann and Eva Bartley. 98FM again flew in internationally renowned voice over Dave Foxx who performed station voice overs on stage, accompanied by resident house band Keywest the morning.

Highlights of the morning included Ray Foley declaring his undying love for Rachel Stevens, TV legend Noel Edmonds recreating Deal or No Deal with audience participation, and Dublin’s favourite Turkey, Dustin, making a rare appearance

Commenting on The Naked Breakfast, CEO of 98FM Keith McCormack said, “We were delighted to bring back our award winning show again this year. The Naked Breakfast is a fantastic showcase for the station, highlighting the unique creative talent of the team behind it.  We are so proud of the show and the team – another fantastic 98FM event enjoyed by all.”

Brand partners who got involved were Argos, Seat, Vodafone, and Club Orange, with Vodafone giving away an amazing prize of €1000 to one lucky winner who had to kiss the Mistletoe Man under the mistletoe.

Head of Radio and Press at Group M, X said, “It is fantastic to see the originality a traditional media like radio can deliver in a modern digital world, radio continues to develop new ideas, and Group M are delighted to partner 98FM and Media Central with this Irish media first”

Those who would still like to hear the show can do so by logging online to