98FM Presenters Cooper and Luke To Switch On the Christmas Lights in Dublin

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The first of Dublin’s Christmas lights will be lit this weekend.
It marks the start of the festive season here in the city with the switch being flicked on Grafton Street on Sunday and Henry Street the following Thursday.
98FM’s Cooper and Luke and Hermitage Green will help turn on the lights on Sunday 13th on Grafton Street. The event starts at 6pm.
While on Thursday November 17th, The Riptide Movement are headlining the switching on of the Henry Street lights at 5pm.
There’s new lights going up on Henry Street this year which are more energy efficient and brighter.
Here are 12 things you didn’t know about #DublinatChristmas.
• 30 streets in Dublin will be decorated with Christmas lights, stretching over 4.5 kilometres
• It takes 20 people working through the night, over 4 weeks and 200 hours to completely erect all the lights
• Each and every single bulb and fixture will be tested by the DublinTown team
• The lights will be illuminated for over 1,000 hours from November 13th– January 7th
• There are 47,350 individual light bulbs on Grafton Street alone
• There are over 1,000,000 individual light bulbs hung across the city

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