98FM Best of Dublin Awards tops the polls!

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The 98FM Best of Dublin Awards in association with Costcutter closed their voting polls on Friday. The voting saw a public frenzy erupt across the city and county resulting in a staggering 466,000 votes at closing stages. Categories such as Best Hairdresser, Best Butcher, Best Pint, Best Bartender and Best Street Performer massively over-performed this year raking in the most votes and showing to be the most popular.
The local campaigning continued in a similar vein to last year with Best Butcher finalist Donore Meats creating their own polling station outside their shop for the two days prior to closing of the polls. Donore Meats set up 3 laptops outside their premises encouraging customers to come in and vote for them in the ‘Best Butcher’ category. Alongside their polling station, they gave special discounts to voters, with music and DJ playing inside.
Venus Hair & Beauty Salon, shortlisted under the Best Hairdresser category, hosted a 98FM themed party last week with 98FM balloons, facepainting, banners, branded cupcakes and lollipops with music and raffles on the day. Every customer that day was given a €9.80 discount on their treatment to encourage voting and celebrate the 98FM connection.
In addition to this, the 98FM Thunders have been blitzing shopping centres around Dublin, with the bespoke 98FM Voting Pod built into the back of the funky Fiat 500’s. This mobile polling station increased our voting significantly and gave the public an opportunity to get involved in the citywide initiative.
With the Awards night looming, scheduled to take place Wednesday 27th May at Royal Hospital Kilmainham, it will be a tight race to the finish for eager nominees. For those who wish to attend, they can tune in all next week for the chance to win tickets or check out 98FM.com/BestofDublin