The Best of 2014 Poll

The yearly tradition of the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show listeners poll returns once again with only a few weeks of 2014 left to run. Ian asks listeners to nominate thei ‘best of’ for the past year in a series of categories which always throw up some interesting results. The full list is:

  • Song of the Year
  • Album of the Year
  • Movie of the Year
  • Best TV Show/Programme of the Year
  • Word of the Year
  • App/Website of the Year
  • Tweeter of the Year
  • Irish Man of the Year
  • Irish Woman of the Year
  • Gift Grub sketch of the Year:
  • Book of the Year:
  • Soap Opera Storyline of the Year
  • The Moment You Were Proud To Be Irish in 2014
  • International Moment of the Year
  • Breakfast Show Moment of the Year
  • Hope for 2015

Everyone’s opinion counts so if you’d like to add your nominations head over to and get voting!